Sabado, Hunyo 14, 2014

The Fault inour Stars (One Sick Love Story)

uhhmm hello, welcome back to me. :) so my first blog for this year is about tfios! I guess, all girls and also guys have read the book. Its my first time i've cried over a book. Well, thanks to John Green. 

Haha. Gus is perfect. I really admire him.  this line of Gus made me cry on the book. 

Like gawd, how can you not admire him, he's too good to be perfect. But i haven't cried on the movie (pusong bato lang ang peg) not that it's not good but maybe i expected too much. the movie was great actually.I love hazel and gus. if you haven't watch the movie and read the book, go. 

Miyerkules, Disyembre 14, 2011

Hungry Girls!!!

Good thing We don't get fat!! HAHAHA. 
lasagna for me and alee

Spaghetti for Frolen

Amira Alyssa Abdulcalim (photographer)

Frolen Costales ( Stylist)

Meet my Photographer and Stylist. Pretty Girls!! :)

Martes, Disyembre 13, 2011

My 4th look.. Wannabe Punk. :)

We didn't plan to do this photo shoot for my next look so Alee ( photographer / supportive friend)  lend me her clothes. The clothes and accessories are all from Alee's closet. And voila here it is :

hi - cut sneakers : thrifted

Welcome to the Black Parade guys. :))

Lunes, Disyembre 12, 2011

Hello, I'm  Cheyenne Faustino and since I made a lookbook account, I also want to try blogging. Here it is! I entitled this blog site Sleepy round eyed girl because whenever I had my picture taken, my eyes look so sleepy even in real life! -_- 

Do you know Ann Ward of ANTM Cycle 15?

 Awkward Ann Ward

Beautiful Ann Ward

(Photo credits to the owner)

 According to Nigel, she's an awkward looking girl but, hey! When she strikes a pose in front of the camera, she looks like a totally different person. I can compare myself to her. I'm usually shy and awkward in person but this changes in just a click of the camera.

Well, I hope I can outgrow my shyness as I post more of my looks on lookbook so STAY TUNED!. :)