Sabado, Hunyo 14, 2014

The Fault inour Stars (One Sick Love Story)

uhhmm hello, welcome back to me. :) so my first blog for this year is about tfios! I guess, all girls and also guys have read the book. Its my first time i've cried over a book. Well, thanks to John Green. 

Haha. Gus is perfect. I really admire him.  this line of Gus made me cry on the book. 

Like gawd, how can you not admire him, he's too good to be perfect. But i haven't cried on the movie (pusong bato lang ang peg) not that it's not good but maybe i expected too much. the movie was great actually.I love hazel and gus. if you haven't watch the movie and read the book, go. 

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